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25 Best Haircuts According to Face Shape

Ready to have the BEST hair of your life? We have found the perfect style for you . Forget about hair trends! Forget about trimming up your five-year-old bob. It’s time to find your signature style.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, long hair can look drab. It’s all too easy to live in a top knot 24/7 when your locks turn lame. Want a wow-factor? We’ve got you covered.
Mastering the perfect hairstyle is all about rocking your unique style. If you want to get your dream hair, you need to make your look work for you! The key to it all is figuring out your face shape. Once you know your shape, you can find an ultra-flattering ‘do that works for YOU!


Heart-shaped faces are known for their strong hairlines and pointed chins. Celebs like Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Campbell, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston are all known for their heart-shaped faces. The name refers to the sweet shape made by a wide forehead, strong cheekbones and a pointed chin.

If you’ve seen beauty guides talking about the difference between inverted triangle-shaped faces and heart-shaped faces, forget about it! The only difference between the two styles is whether or not you have a widow’s peak. Having a widow’s peak might affect how you style your fringe but, for the most part, the same hairstyles will flatter both facial types.

1. Side Swept Blunt Bangs

Reese Witherspoon is famous for her perfectly heart-shaped face and she most definitely knows how to rock it. If you’re looking for a great hairstyle for women with a heart-shaped face, look to her. All of her hairstyles are flawless and this is no exception. Her soft, side-swept bangs make her eyes look amazing while drawing attention away from her chin. Her fringe would work for pretty much any style or length so it is definitely an add-on worth looking into.
All-one-length hair that falls below the shoulder generally isn’t flattering to most facial types so try experimenting with bangs if you’re not a fan of layers and want to keep your locks long.

2. Long Bob

Jennifer Aniston is all about easy, flattering styles. If you’re looking for something wash-and-go yet chic, look to her. While she is another heart-shaped celeb known for amazing’ dos, this is definitely one of her best styles. It’s ultra-modern, chic and does everything for her. Keeping it above her shoulders stops the all-one-length long bob from getting too weighed down.
It’s got all the movement and swing that it needs to prevent it from looking too harsh. By creating a straight line down both sides of her face, it softens her strong jawline and creates a perfect balance to her face.

3. Long, Pin-up Curls

There is more than one way to flatter a heart-shaped face though! Despite its total contrast to Jennifer Aniston’s sleek long bob, Reese Witherspoon’s long pin-up curls are ultra-flattering to her heart-shaped face. Ultimately, the key to finding the perfect long hairstyle for women with heart-shaped faces it to look for something that provides contrast.
By adding soft, wide curls at her ends, Reese Witherspoon’s hair contrasts with her narrow, pointed chin to create a perfect balance. Since her forehead is wide, there is no need to create more volume at the top so she sticks to curls that only fall below her cheeks.

4. Blunt Cut

This is definitely one of Taylor Swift’s softer looks as far as her hairstyles go, but it definitely suits her. While Taylor Swift’s chin isn’t as pointed as Reese Witherspoon’s, her stylist still avoided creating a style that’s too heavy. By adding fringe, Taylor has camouflaged her wide forehead.
A heavy bang on its own could make her style look top-heavy so she’s also added subtle layers throughout the length of her hair to get volume and prevent her hair from falling flat at the sides- which is something that any woman, with any facial shape will definitely want to avoid!

5. Long Side Swept Bangs

Jennifer Love Hewitt just looks all-around stunning in this pic. Her side-swept bangs soften her face shape and draw attention away from her strong chin and jawline. Her hair has infinite volume and literally sparkles. I’d bet my last cent that a good portion of the length and volume is coming from extensions, so it’s not really a great everyday look.
If you’re looking for sultry night-out style though, you must steal Jennifer Love Hewitt’s flawless look. For a more toned down version, you should definitely hold onto the side swept bangs, then just work with all of the volume that you can get naturally in your hair.


Oblong faces are easy to spot by their broad cheekbones, strong jawlines, and elongated foreheads. They are much narrower than most facial types. Take a look at celebs like Gisele Bundchen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, Liv Tyler and Ashlee Simpson. They’ve all got oblong faces, and you might too if their features look a bit like your own.

It’s easy to mix up oval faces and oblong faces though. In general, it’s all about the width. If your face has all of the key features of an oblong face but isn’t as narrow, you probably have an oval-shaped face.

1. Beach Waves

Who doesn’t want Gisele’s hair? It’s seriously flawless. From her perfectly placed buttery blonde highlights to the endless amounts of flawlessly curled strands that seem to be constantly falling down around her, Gisele has got THE hair. Anyone with any facial shape would look drop dead gorgeous with it.
A lot of experts might say that women who have oblong faces should avoid having ultra-long hair, but Gisele gets a pass. As an Amazonian supermodel with legs for miles, this hair is pretty much in proportion to the rest of her body. If you’re not quite her height, ask your stylist to take a couple of inches off the bottom.

2. Blunt Bangs

Christa B. Allen’s bangs create perfect proportions across her face. This is an ideal long haircut for women with an oblong face. Her thick, blunt-cut bangs basically cut a third of the length off, which is definitely a good thing if you want to minimize the look of oblong features. Her bangs are also flawlessly proportioned for her facial width.
Heavier bangs could have made her face look too narrow but she got the balance perfectly with this look. Shorter fringe could have made her face look long as well but, of course, Christa’s length is perfect!

3. Side Swept Bangs

Kelly Rowland has done an amazing job at creating the illusion of fullness around her face. She has just the perfect amount of volume around the sides. It’s a style that would work basically anytime, anywhere. She dressed it up with statement earrings and a bold lip but it would work just as well with jeans and a tee.
Her hair is on the verge of being too long for an oblong face, but she makes it work by not creating too much body at the ends. The side swept bang is the perfect finishing touch for any facial shape.

4. Major Volume Curls

Tyra Banks is known for her oblong face. She has never been shy about having what she calls a ‘massively long’ forehead. Being a model for so long, she has had just about every hair style out there, so if you are dealing with a similar issue, she is your go-to source for inspiration. Here she does nothing to cover up the length of her face, but she still manages to create an amazing balance.
By adding so much volume in every direction, her face looks rounder and more in proportion to the length. It would definitely be a high maintenance look for anyone with straight hair, but it’s a perfect long haircut for women with curly locks.

5. Blunt Cut

If you want a straight look, here’s the Tyra style for you. It’s very similar to Christa B. Allen’s blunt cut style, but a bit shorter with slightly heavier bangs. They are both great styles, but it ultimately comes down to your unique facial shape. Since Tyra’s face is a bit longer and narrower than Christa B. Allen’s, she needs a heavier bang to get it in balance.
Christa’s face is more similar to an oval shape so she can get away with a slightly lighter bang, while Tyra looks better with a thick, heavy cut fringe.


Establishing your face shape is mostly all about proportions. If your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are all about the same width, you’ve probably got a square shaped face. Be careful though, round faces have the same measures, so you do have to consider your features as well.

Square shaped faces are characterized by angular, sharp features. If your nose and jawline are soft and rounded, you probably have a round shaped face. Check out pics of celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Isabella Rossellini, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Richie and Olivia Wilde. They all have square faces. In fact, you’ll see this facial shape on tons of models and celebs because it’s incredibly photogenic.

1. Victoria’s Secret Waves

Lily Aldridge has totally mastered this style. It’s a favorite look among lingerie models because it’s sexy, feminine and ultra-flattering. There are a few unique features that Lily has added to flatter her square face. The placement of her longest layer is truly key to making this style work.
The bulk of her hair falls directly below her chin, which creates a sleek look over the widest part of her face. By having all of her waves below her chin level, she’s creating the illusion of a longer, more delicate face. The addition of wide, feminine curls also softens her look.

2. Heavy Fringe

Nicole Richie is a master of flattering a square face. Her whole look totally transformed the moment she got bangs. She went from the sort of girl you’d find standing around the outside of a club to a serious fashionista. She knows fringe now, and she does it well.
The secret to her success is her subtle transition zone at the side of her bangs. Because the outside edges of her fringe are slightly longer than the center of it, the transition from long layers to bangs is seamless. It creates a perfect amount of volume to balance out a strong jawline.

3. Long Bob

Olivia Wilde has a very strong jawline and she OWNS it. She always works with her square face rather than against it. Unlike a lot of women with strong facial features, she doesn’t try to hide what she’s got. Her hair is always simple and low-key. Her trademark long bob works perfectly with her square face.
The long, thick strands hang in panels on either side of her face and create the illusion of length. They frame her face and distract from the width of her forehead, cheekbones and jaw. If you have straight or wavy hair and want a low maintenance style, a long bob was made for you.

4. Low Chignon

Up dos can be tricky with square faces. Jennifer Lawrence’s low chignon does a perfect job at getting the hair out of her face while keeping it chic. Pulling long hair into a high top knot can make strong facial features look exaggerated. This is definitely not the look that you’re going for. Jennifer does everything right with this low chignon.
The side swept bangs create a line across her forehead to make it look narrower. Pushing her low chignon off to the side adds weight and volume under her ears, which is perfect for offsetting her strong jawline.

5. Long, Blunt Cut

Lucy Liu knows what works for her. She has had her hair in this style for years, because it works! It’s a timeless hair style and it’s perfect for her. While change might be tempting, don’t fix what isn’t broken! This cut has all of the same flattering features of Olivia Wilde’s long bob. The long, straight layers create the illusion of length while balancing out her strong features. This is really one of the best long haircuts for women with square faces.
You might need a few tweaks to make it suit curly hair, but women with wavy or straight hair can just bring this pic to their stylist.


Congrats! You have what is probably the most wanted facial shape of them all. It’s a pretty exclusive club with some of the most stunning women in the world. Charlize Theron, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, BeyoncĂ©, Eva Mendes, Rihanna, Kate Middleton, and Jessica Alba all have oval shaped faces.

It’s one of the easiest face shapes to work with because everything is already pretty much in balance, so you aren’t trying to enhance or minimize anything. An oval shaped face is characterized by a width that is about a third of the length. In other words, your face should be three times longer that it is wide.

1. Beach Waves

Brooklyn Decker has the perfect beach waves. Her long, layered locks are pretty much universally flattering. On top of that, the darker color of the bottom layer creates a rich depth that a lot of blondes are lacking. This is an ideal long hairstyle for women with oval faces because it’s not too long. Any style that falls to your cleavage or beyond can make your face look longer than it is.
While it’s great to have some length to your face, you don’t want to overdo it and create the illusion of an overly elongated face. Beyond that, pretty much any length will suit you, so go anywhere from a pixie to Brooklyn Decker length hair.

2. Blunt Bangs

Taylor Swift makes bangs looks seriously chic. Her fringe never looks like it belongs in elementary school. Her blunt cut bangs are just thick enough to cover her entire forehead, yet they don’t overwhelm her face. They have just a touch of roundness and the perfect amount of volume.
They are ever so slightly layered so that they create a seamless connection to her hair. If you are a fringe newbie, bring this pic to your stylist and try to master the art of the bang, Taylor-style. It doesn’t really matter how the rest of your hair is styled, these bangs will keep you looking sharp.

3. Curtain Bangs

If you have an oval shaped faced and love fringe, Sienna Miller should be your go-to source of inspiration. She is yet another master of the fringe. She has done just about every style of bang out there, so it’s well worth reviewing some of her old pics. Her curtain bangs are the PERFECT solution if you aren’t really sure if you want to take the plunge again.
The curtain-style closure allows you to wear them as a full across-the-forehead fringe or brush them off to the side. If you want to have your cake and eat it too, this is your style.

4. Bettie Page

I am a little hesitant to recommend this. Most Bettie Page ‘dos look downright embarrassing in real life. They are typically costumes posing as hairstyles and are often a clear indication that you most definitely do try too hard. That said, if you must do the Bettie Page ‘do, take a cue from Krysten Ritter. Her oval shaped face is a perfect canvas and the fact that her hair isn’t overly styled makes the style very doable.
She keeps some choppiness to her fringe so that it doesn’t overwhelm her face. She’s pushing a dark color with very pale skin but she’s making it work by adding shades of life to her lips and cheeks. A truly fresh and impressive take on an old idea.

5. Long Bob

On the other side of the spectrum is Kylie Minogue’s long bob. More than anything else, it just works. It works for straight, wavy or curly hair. It works for thick or thin hair. It looks amazing with a blowout and not too damn bad when you just step out of bed in the morning.
It’s a low-maintenance, universally flattering cut and you have to love it for that. It’s long enough to stick into a ponytail, but short enough that you can wash it, dry it and style it faster than Brooklyn Decker would run a comb through her locks.


A lot of women mistakenly think that they have a round face when they don’t. Your facial shape isn’t all about your jawline. Having a double chin (or imagining that you have a double chin because of that one horrible pic your friend posted of you last week) doesn’t mean that you have a round face. In very technical terms, having a round face means that your face is just as wide as it is long. If you’re not sure, grab a measuring tape!

If your face is longer than it is wide, you probably have an oval shaped face. Look at celebs like Olivia Munn, Charlize Theron, and Mila Kunis to get an idea of what a true round face looks like.

1. Bombshell Waves

Kate Upton does an amazing job at balancing out her round face with big, voluminous curls. They add the perfect amount of volume without adding width to her face. Because women with round faces typically have weak jawlines, it’s better to draw attention away from the jaw. Kate nails it by adding volume at her crown and down around her collarbones.
If you want to make your face look narrower, try to keep the weight of your hair at the top and at the ends. The best hairstyles for women with round faces are always almost below the shoulder.

2. Side Swept Bangs

This is how sleek hair should look on women with round faces. Everything about this style suits Kirsten Dunst perfectly. The side swept bangs are incredibly flattering and go a long way in making her wide cheeks look narrower. Her hair is straight but it’s got just enough volume to give it body and keep it from sticking too close to her face (which just doesn’t flatter anyone with any facial shape).
The high part on one side makes her face look longer than it is, which is perfect for her. If you want a slimming look, copy this and consider upping the ante by adding a clip above your ear to emphasis the side part.

3. Center Part

Mila Kunis knows what works for her. She’s simply got great hair. It’s always glossy and full of life. The long layers perfectly suit her round face. She always adds just a bit of volume at the crown to create the illusion of height to make her face look longer than it is.
The long layers work to trim down her wide cheeks and create balance. While side parts are often the default style for women with round faces, she’s able to pull off a center part flawlessly by adding just the right amount of volume.

4. Long Bob

While Olivia Munn’s style looks stunning on her, it’s not necessarily perfect for every woman with a round face. Even if two women have the exact same facial shape, there are still more variables. For example, this style would totally not suit Kirsten Dunst. Because Kirsten’s hair is finer and her face is a bit wider than Olivia’s, her hair would look far too flat.
Olivia looks amazing because her face is round but not as wide as some women’s. Her hair is also incredibly lush so she’s got volume without layering. That said, if you’ve got thick hair, you should definitely give this look a try!

5. The Bardot

I am in love with Drew Barrymore’s sex kitten look here. She is channeling Brigitte Bardot flawlessly. While a lot of up dos can make your face look wider, this look is chic and flattering. By adding volume at the crown, Drew is making her face look longer (and thereby, less wide). Her deep part and side swept bangs also cut across her face and make her full cheeks look slimmed down.
This look would work with pretty much any hair type and facial shape, so it’s all around great. Top that off with the fact that you can probably master it in ten minutes, and you’ve got yourself a new favorite style.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these 25 Best Haircuts According to Face Shape, don’t forget to give your feedback here.
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