Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kashee’s Walima Bridal Makeup 2016

Well known Kashee’s Salon is the best Salon of Karachi doing their creative work for all events weather it is a mehndi, barat , engagement, waleema or any party makeup.
They are giving their best look to all their clients so today I am presenting you his Walima bridal makeup.

Kashee’s walima makeup is always awe-inspiring. They make their brides feel look like a princess. They use beautiful shades like peaches, coral flush, beige and so many more that make a walima bride looks stunning. Well, their walima makeup is smooth, stunning and beautiful as well, have a look at their smooth walima makeup photos below.

Plum Orange Makeup Look

Silvery Purple Makeup Look

Gold Blueish Makeup Look

Soft Pinkish Blue Makeup Look

Silver Smokey Makeup Look

Golden Glittery Makeup Look

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