Saturday, May 28, 2016

12 Latest Ear Piercing Trends of 2016

Jewelry is all about creativity composed of small decorative element for personal grooming. Girls adorn themselves with different element according to their taste.
Some likes traditional jewelry and some girls are always in a search of latest fashion to keep themselves up to date. Jewelry trend changes with time. Every year came with its new trends and designs. Ear Piercing is back in a big way. Check the style of piercing and size of ear ring that suits you it must not be larger than your ear. They make you look more stylish and unique.

So are you ready to do something new with your look? All month long we’re asking our favourite influencers to share with you. In case you haven’t paid attention when scrolling through your Tweeter recently, piercings are chicer than ever. And we’re not just talking about a few extra studs in your lobe. We talked to J. Colby Smith, piercing expert at New York Adorned and embellisher to the beautiful and famous, to get his take on the most requested styles right now— including updates on holes you may already have.

Conch piercings are in the major part of the ear cartilage, which requires more healing time than your ear lobe. And since you’re going to be in for more of a long haul with the piece you pick for this piercing, you’ve got to be choosy. “The secret to having a piercing that is not only fashionable, but works with your personal style, is having the right jewelry,” says Smith. “Using a ring or tiny stud can change the whole feel of an ear piercing like a conch, and it won’t be boring.”

Piercings aren’t necessarily just about a fashion statement. Smith shared that some of his clients seek out a Daith piercing for migraine relief (who knew?). “We light candles, burn sage, and focus on the moment,” Smith says. “Making this experience about the client can give them what they need by connecting the mind and body.” Although he doesn’t claim a medical benefit to this piercing, clients do sometimes experience a change in their condition (and obviously, their style).

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